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Adventure Time!

So… yeah… mmmyep…

My post of the day. I talked to Albert a little this afternoon before work. It was ok. I left some papers in a drawer in his kitchen, Neo’s vet records are in there and I want to take him in for a checkup. I want to make sure they don’t give him shots he […]


Than and I went to see Drugstore Valentine play at Top Cats last night. I’m glad finally got to see them, been promising Oz forever that I would but I kept missing them. He’s quite the showman, very hot on the stage, but Than saved me from chasing after him with his manly possesiveness.. so […]

Rules of attraction

So I’m posting something because g0jir0 told me to. Damn you g0jir0! I was talking to a few people about this, bardiphouka and Than mostly. It’s just interesting, I think. I’ve had people tell me I’m attractive, or cute. Occasionally I get drop dead gorgeous. I appreciate those compliments but no matter who they are, […]

Going to Tulsa

Just a quick note, we will be gone all weekend for a classic gaming show in Tulsa. This show, to be exact. Been busy all week with getting ready, and it’s a madhouse right now. Just shutting down my computer now. So if you don’t see me online now you know why Pictures when we […]

E3 writeup… finally

UPDATE! Danny sent me pics.. see below Ok, so I haven’t been posting again. I know I know.. I suck. I had a really long post almost done last night and ended up losing the whole thing. I was so frustrated I just.. didn’t feel like typing it all up again. So let’s try this […]