Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Yay pics!

bardiphouka borrowed jrhoffa‘s cam for the week and got a couple nice shots of the two of us together. I am absolutely thrilled with them at Highland.. Smoke break at Marcon Nice to have someone around who likes having his picture taken with me!


I am still happy, but today I have my very own migraine. Sitting here at work with a napkin soaked in cold water from the fountain, and I think people are looking at me like someone had beaten on me or something. HAHAHA As if. Anyway.. it’s an update. Of sorts. I don’t feel like […]

Go figure

Ok.. so I feel better now He got back, as promised.. was waiting for me outside the big revolving doors and I felt instantly better. Hung out at highland for a bit, took him home and.. um.. went to bed, yes That is accurate. It’s been a very good week so far, despite me still […]


So.. Than is out of town, just for one night. Again there is a reason this bothers me more than it normally would. So I was going to have coffee with a “friend” who has now lost that status. It was going to be good, a ride home, good coffee and conversation to keep my […]

A helluva party

Colin and Taylor are gone.. I am sad Their going-away party on Saturday was quite possibley the most awesome party I have ever been to. Bardiphouka, Sean, Mikey and.. someone who’s name I don’t remember were in the garage jamming with guitars and Sean’s sax, and kicking much ass. Than gave it the ol’ grad […]

A very nice “weekend” indeed

My days off are wednesday and thursday, which sucks. But this “weekend” has been a good one. Over the course of the weekend we went to Highland and I played spades and we chatted and had coffee and made people ill making eyes at each other, we did karaoke which was so much fun, and […]

Oh… my… GOD

OK, I want it on the record, I have the best boyfriend EVAR! I was miserable this weekend and wishing it would be today because I wasn’t supposed to see him until tonight. That sneaky .. grr! (that is not an angry grr btw ) So I was expecting to have bardiphouka¬† pick me up […]


Than is out of town for 3 days, effectively. He will actually be back sunday night but I won’t see him until monday night. He went to Indiana to hang out with some friends and see a play. I’m pretty much wide open for after work this weekend, not sure what I’m going to do […]

Even smiling makes my face ache…

It’s true! I’ve been so happy over the last few weeks that my face hurts from all the smiling. It’s been too long since I’ve smiled like this. People at work keep asking what I’ve done with Karen, (ha ha) and last night at the coffee shop, several people commented on how nice I looked, […]