Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Didnt actually do much…

Didnt actually do much on the site last night. Just a tweak here and there. I did research on what other kinds of things I could put up here… Im rethinking the links. On one hand, I like the left column where it is, but on the other hand.. I could (possibly) use spog for […]

The Gallery is up!

Sweet! The gallery is up and running, just a tweak here and there to make it perfect. Soooooooo what next??? Heres a question. Do I really need a forum? It would be NEET, but would it get used? Ill have to think about that. But for now.. Im goin home! (where I will undoubtedly jump […]

Working! YAY!

Ok this seems to be working and looking the way I want it to now.. lets try for a real post!! WOO! Hmm… what to post? Well… Ive been working on this website of mine on a lark, and having a grand ol time of it! It doesnt get much more fun than when youre […]