Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Holiday MADNESS!!!

I really do need to start posting things as they happen, so as to avoid these looooong posts encompassing multiple events, wherein I manage to forget half of what I wanted to post about. Note: for those of you who are not aware, My family, myself and most of Cincinnati refer to Nathaniel as ‘Than’, […]

NYE Plans

NYE Plans Well, it looks like Than (aka Jimmy, Hoffa, Jimmy Hoffa, Nat, Jesus, Nathaniel, WHATEVER! ) and I will be in Evansville for NYE Thanks to tentacularone and roomies for the sofa-bed! Looking forward to a nice subdued party with friends and alcohol, and not being at HOME for a change! (My last 2 […]

Best Birthday EVAR!

Have I mentioned that jrhoffa is wonderful and sweet and also awesome? Oh? Well he IS. Also he is very very sneaky! ^_^ Starting with the bestest gift from Than, after convincing me that it would cost too much.. I now own a copy of the reason to own a PSP. The game is Loco […]

How do I wrote post?

I suck at posting, like crazy. I know this. So, a synopsis of fun. Met up with Panda, Hito, Kate, Ian et al at Sugoi, loads of fun, then got too drunk and a tad emotional and scared Hito and Panda. (sorry ) We lost the camera, which sucks a LOT, but my mom loaned […]

6 months and counting

Friday was the 6 month anniversary of the day I met Than. We didn’t start dating right away, but I still think that the date is a significant event in my life and I will consider April 6 our anniversary forthwith. He is wonderful, I love him and I’m looking forward to the next and […]