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Adventure Time!

Let’s all go to the movies!

If there is one thing I love in life, it’s going to the movies, films, flicks, pictures, talkies. I love sci-fi/fantasy, romance, comedy, comic book, Gothic, horror, pretty much whatever. (with the major exception of any and all “teen genre” flicks out there.)

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Secret Window and more recently Hellboy at an actual theater. Going with friends to a theater has been the one thing I’ve missed most of all, living in this festering black hole of boredom. But yes, I did get to see those two films, and happy I was to have the privilege.

I liked both, for different reasons.

Secret Window has Johnny Depp, and his performances are almost enough to make any film an enjoyable experience. As well, the story was interesting enough to keep me on the edge of my seat through most of it. The ending.. well, not so much. A great deal of suspension of disbelief is necessary to swallow that ending. Still, I was entertained for an hour and a half, therefore I declare it a success.

Hellboy rated higher on my very liberal scale of movie goodness. I loooove the comic, I LOOVE what Ron Perlman did with the character. The makeup and costume were awesome, his attitude made me laugh through the whole thing. Many people complained about Liz’s lackluster personality but I wonder if those people have actually read the books? I knew how much she hated her power, and how tired of seeming to be the cause of so much death and destruction. I felt her personality was beaten down and world weary. I can relate, on a smaller scale anyway. Abe looked cool and the voice of David Hyde Pierce was perfect. The storyline was trite, and a little(alot) cheesy. Again, if you’ve read the comics, this made you happy. The monsters were very lovecraftian, I half expected the olde gods to emerge and devour the theater. As for the effects, well, I’ve read the complaints of more than a few people on some kind of deficiency in that area. I must be totally blinded to these things. I must have some seriously inferior expectations when it comes to special effects, because I thought they were great. Not groundbreaking, or over the top, but great nevertheless. Two thumbs up and a snap in a Z formation!

I’ve gotten to see a couple new things on DVD, Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld, and (FINALLY) Kill Bill Vol.1.

Loved it. (Johnny Depp in pirate gear, droool)
Loved it! (Kate Beckinsale in skintight black leather, droooooool!)
OH. MY. GOD!!! (words cannot express, I was never an Uma fan but she finally made it to my list)

Upcoming movies I need to see, might get to see in the theater, most likely will have to wait for the DVDs.

Kill Bill Vol. 2
Van Helsing
Shrek 2
Harry Potter 3

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