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Wow.. it *has* been a long time. Thanks to a nudge from Kerry of Insanity Labs I’m feeling inspired to at least throw something up here and let the world know that I’m all right.

First, I did get to see Return of the King that night, and I did meet some very nice people. We all got along well and my friend Drake tells me that they also liked me very much. I haven’t had any contact with them since that night but I imagine if I stay here much longer then anything is possible. As for the movie.. well, it was a marvel. I was absolutely enchanted. They really did justice to the books! There is a scene where Denethor dines on a lavish feast after sending Faramir out to fight a hopeless battle against impossible odds, while Pippin sings hauntingly in the background. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the theater. All those spears flying at them, all those people dying. If I hadn’t read the books I would have been in total suspense as to wether Faramir would survive. (just in case you haven’t, Im not tellin!)

Editors note: I really did know it was Faramir and NOT Boromir, REALLY!

I’ve done some website work, actually got paid for it (Not enough to dig me out of this hole I’m in, not even a teaspoon full.. hehe). First I did most of the graphics work for Sinister Choppers. I did everything but what’s in the frame, the credit for that goes to another. Second and best, I did all the work, from registering and hosting to the design and layout, on the website of one Jenni Lyn, a local country songstress who has done some national bluegrass tours and is now working her way into the world of country music.

So there we go, another post. It shouldn’t be long until my next post but I don’t tend to do this when I’m depressed, and when am I not depressed???? :P

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