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I have never been so bewildered in my life as I am at the way that people are tearing apart the Matrix sequels. Seeing so much raw malice directed at a movie is pretty much freaking me out. What’s worse is the animosity that I have personally received over the fact that I really loved them both. (If you think that I’m talking about you, don’t jump to conclusions unless I quote you directly. I have had several conversations on the subject and some were more sane than others.)

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m a Matrix fan. I saw the first movie with one of my best friends and we were both blown away. I think it is pretty safe to say that overall that movie was a huge hit. I do know a few people who didnt care for it, or who were pretty much ambivalent towards it, but on the whole I would call it a success. Maybe too much of a success? You could poke holes in the plot if you wanted to. I heard a few people doing some wondering. The biggest gripe I heard was “why did they use humans at all? Cows would generate more heat and they wouldnt be so god damned snooty about it.”. Of course, that would have made a really boring movie. But most people overlooked any plot holes because the movie did something for them. For me it took the classic superhero motif and encased it in a cyberpunk shell. It gave me a dark, brooding “unwilling hero” and an epic love story combined with ground breaking special effects and kung-fu ass kickings. It had passion and miracles.. it had characters you could sink your teeth into. Don’t even get me started on the wardrobe!! This movie reached out of the screen and pulled me in, and it never let me go.

So, I liked The Matrix. Can you tell? ^_^

I’m sick of the people who were so upset that Revolutions didnt introduce new effects or didnt use their favorite characters enough or other complaints that can be explained easily. They were one movie, cut in half. They were made together weren’t they? Ultimately they were two parts of one film and should be treated as such. In fact it is my opinion that they should have either shortened them both and made one long movie out of them, or gone whole hog and made three (at least) where they could adequately address all the questions that the first movie asked, give favorite characters lots of on screen time, and develop new characters properly.

As for Keanu Reeves.. well, I’ve been flatly accused of loving The Matrices solely based on lust for an actor. Puh-lease. I’ve seen Keanu in quite a few films and I’ve loved a few of them, hated some of them.. and thought the rest were “ok”. Overall I think he’s had a bad rap, primarily because he made the mistake of taking the role of Ted “Theodore” Logan in the Bill and Ted movies, and compounded the mistake by allowing himself to be typecast. Honestly I think that it took some acting to play *that* dumb, but the rest of the world seems to have bought into it. When Neo said “woah”, I cringed.. because I knew that the critics were going to latch onto it like rabid dogs on a rotting carcass. They did. Yes, I do have a major crush on Neo.. (I wouldnt kick Trinity out of bed either. I could say the same for most of the cast, but only if they bring the wardrobe ;) ) The point is that Neo is a character, and Keanu is an actor.. a person I do not know, and it is unlikely that we will ever meet. I know the difference, and I never appreciate having a ‘friend’ tell me that I am so shallow that I would like any movie based solely on such a thing.

I was going to do a detailed play-by-play review, but I’ve gone over and over it and Ive come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth it. I’m only going to end this by saying that I loved the movies, and I will not apologise for that.

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