Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Im only happy when it rains

I’m feeling ALOT better, for those of you who worried. Thank you btw, I love you for it.

It was already a bad day when the incident occurred, and I honesty should have known better. The boy has to be on drugs to allow anyone to see he has real feelings.

I posted on a local livejournal group looking for people more like myself to hang out with, and I got some very nice responses. I actually had a phone conversation with one *very* interesting person and anticipate many more. (fingers crossed) Hopefully I get my car back soon so I can travel up his way for coffee. I also found out that there is a GOTH club in this state of delusion. I was amazed and thrilled and now I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that there is someplace in this flea-bitten level of hell where I can go and not feel like an utter freak.

So.. thats it.


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