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Up up and away…

This sunday was the illustrious Big Bear Balloon Festival. . (Big Bear is a food chain, not unlike Krogers, Vons or Ralphs) Performing at said festival was the locally famous Phil Dirt and the Dozers, opening (and closing) for Foreigner. It was interesting, though truthfully I was only in it for the balloons. These werent the little teeny balloons either folks, Im talkin big gorgeous colorful hot air balloons.

But of course, dad wanted to get there early so he could see the car show that was also attached to this festival. Turns out the car show was just a few rows of the parking lot roped off with some interesting cars parked there.

The coolest car was the Austin Healey Sprite from Austin Powers.

Truthfully, I dont know if this was the original or just a mock-up, but regardless, it made me think of my favorite people in the whole world, Richard, Jed and Wendie, so I snapped that pic of it..

After wandering around the “car show” we finally went in, and mom bought me the coooooolest souvenir.. these shiny tacky beads from Mardi Gras Imports. I LOVE THEM!!

We wandered around for a little while, there wasnt much to it really. Mom and I were pretty bored and tired but we finally found a place to sit out of the sun, and I had my gameboy with me so I got in some quality Golden Sun time. Mom and I shared a funnel cake (MUMS!) And finally… FINALLY it was time for the balloons to fly. There were about 60 of em total, and I got lots of pix but I gotta say that no matter how good the pix nothing really compares to having been there. Regardless, I have the best pix posted below for your edification :) The dragon and the spider/cartoony thing at the bottom were the biggest surprises.

(OH, I am working on a gypsy costume, and I recently finished the corset and it came out fabulously, but I dont want to post pix until I have the whole thing ready, so DeMar.. do be patient ;)

So anyway.. enjoy the pictures, ciao!


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