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Adventure Time!

Adams family reunion!

Last Sunday I flew to W. Hollywood to hang out with my very VERY good friends Jed and Wendie Adams. While not “technically” family, they might as well be! I feel as close to them (in some cases ALOT closer) as I do any member of my own family, and we do share a last name by some Karmic coincidence.. hehe.

Heres an arms length pic of the three of us together..

I spent most of the time with Wendie, unfortunately Jed had to work.. booooh!! But it was an action packed 6 days I can tell you that. She and I went through malls, shopped the fashion district, wandered down the Promenade in Santa Monica, hobnobbed with the lovely Mia in Marina Del Rey, went to a barbecue at Jeds work, took pictures at the La Brea Tarpits, saw The Matrix: Reloaded (Loved it!), and spent loads of time just sitting on their balcony with tea and watching the adorable gay guys traipse by :) Not in that order, but you get the idea :) When Jed came home in the evening, we walked around W. Hollywood, and had smoothies at the Hustler Cafe.. awesome place!

So, Ive said it before, Ill say it again. Best vacation EVER!!

Jed and Wend.. love you guys!

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