Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Working! YAY!

Ok this seems to be working and looking the way I want it to now.. lets try for a real post!! WOO!

Hmm… what to post? Well… Ive been working on this website of mine on a lark, and having a grand ol time of it! It doesnt get much more fun than when youre learning new things and watching them all come together into one incredibly tacky and useless waste of bandwidth! But hell.. I might use this stuff someday towards a useful end, and I AM having fun! So awayyyy we go!

Ill be trying to get Gallery to work later today, for photos and sketches and the like, and UBB for the forum. Im not sure if Ill leave the webcam link up.. its been so long since I bothered with it.

So thats it, Im up at 3:30 am, sipping a cup of herbal tea, and hoping that my cough will go away so I can sleep. I think Ill look into that right about now. Gnite!

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