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Back to Ohio

So ok, an update. Im not going to go into alot of detail here, it would take way too long. Long story short, the San Diego thing didnt work out. The person we were staying with didnt feel we brought anything into the deal. Hopefully he doesnt miss my networking hardware and expertise too much. There were alot of misunderstandings, on both sides.

We ended up leaving alot sooner than intended tho, when he started poking at me to leave my linux server and all the networking hardware, including my beloved wireless access point. I worked hard to buy those things, to build the server, to maintain it. Ive had that server for a very long time. He had the nerve to imply that I owed it to him, the nerve to think that we owed him something for the right to sleep in his hollowed out hulk of a wreck he called a house, with no plumbing aside from one toilet, no kitchen, no WALLS in most cases. The only thing I could think we would ow e him would be for half of the broadband and cable bills, and since he was so determined to overcharge us for living there, Ill be more than happy to present him a bill for network administration. It costs a pretty penny to have someone available 24/7 to fix your stupid internet connection..

Ach, enough of that. J and I drove the trip to Ohio, followed by a snow storm. It took about 6 days. We made stops in Denver and in Saint Louis to meet some people we know from online, which was cool :) All of them were great people, fun to hang out with. Aside from this, the trip was uneventful, we made it to Ohio safe and sound. J stayed about a week, then flew to Seattle to stay with some friends there. So here I am, back in Ohio, missing my friends and feeling sorry for myself.. yay.

No pictures to post yet, but Ill work on it. I have a whole new website in the works, but I want to do some beta testing before I implement it.

I did a couple E-xoops themes for friends. You can see them at Fafhrd Productions and The Lurikeen Republic websites.

Thats all for now folks…


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