Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

OO! Big party down the street!

Late breaking news!

5 houses down, some kids decided that they were going to throw thier friend a party. They had two live bands. Korn wannabes, but they were totally blasting so loud that you could hear it for miles. Of course I wandered over to check it out. A girl there, (gothy, purple hair, very cute) told me that they were planning on doing 2 songs each, back to back, until the cops showed up. They got about 6 songs out before the “pigs” showed up and shut them down.. hehe.

Anyway, the two bands were called Ten to None, and Desolation. I found out that Ten to None will be playing a place called The Scene next week. They were definitely energetic, and there were lots of cute gothed out boys and girls all over the place. Damn my camera for having a dead battery!

Ah well.. nice bit of excitement to top off a cool day :) Nothing like that ever happenned in San Jose!

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