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Adventure Time!

Fireworks on the beach!

It was such a nice day! I discovered a couple bucks I had left in a pocket, so Jay and I had a couple 99 cent Jumbo Jacks from Jack in the Box. Cheap food! MMM! Went on a nice ride.. found that there was a very small fair going on by the beach. It was nice.. did I mention it was small? Hehe..

I didnt have the cam with me(It has a dead battery, I need to find the charger!), and its a damn shame too. There was a really cool sand sculpture in the works, and the Pacific Beach kite club was there with a variety of truly spectacular kites. Splurged on a funnel cake.. yummy! I really shouldnt have, considering my monetary situation, but what the hell..

Bought a pair of earrings for 50 cents too.. Im terrible, I know!

Had a good bike ride home. The ride back is the best exersise, because it is all uphill. We have worked out a decent route that isnt tooooo bad, but uphill sucks any way you look at it :) Fiddled around on my computer for an hour or two, working on web ideas and graphics, and then found out that the fair was sponsering fireworks off the pier, so of course we all had to go. So Tom, Jay, Duchess the 12 year old puppy, and myself piled into Toms car and got to the beach JUST in time to catch the first firework. It was GORGEOUS! Ive seen fireworks before, and Ive seen more spectacular displays, but Ive never ever ever been so close before, and there was no crowd to fight through for a good spot to watch from. Afterwards, we all sat on a bench above the beach and watched the waves in the dark. It was very tranquil.

Its been a while since I put any pix of myself up here, so for all you fans, heres the very latest, hot off the webcam!

Fabulous indeed! :)

And I was playing with a function of my camera that takes a series of shots in rapid succession, just for kicks, and I got a decent set of shots of this surfer. I managed to put em together in a nice animated gif for your edification.

You like? Of course you do! ;)

I added a bunch of pix of the beach and surfers and the like into my ‘places’ gallery, so you might want to pop over and look em over.

And now.. I have things to see and people to do! (haha!)

So I bid you adieu, for now.

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