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Beach Cruisin’

So let me tell you about my new bike. Shes a beauty! Deep red with black fenders, big cushy seat, shiny black basket on the front. I’m not describing a mountain bike am I? Nope! Shes a shiny new Sun Custom Cruiser, a beach cruiser. VERY popular around these parts. Its not something I would have even thought about before moving out here, but I gotta tell you, once you ride one of these babies, you’ll never go back.

I have pics.. check these out :)

Isnt she gorgeous? I love riding this bike. Soooo comfy! Much easier control for moving along pathways with other people walking, biking, and skating. Thats why they call em beach cruisers I guess :) Not too very expensive either, or I wouldnt have one.. hehe. Its more than a luxury around here, you need a bike to get around. Just try to find parking anywhere! I dares ya! I havent driven my car in a week, since I got this bike. Ive probably saved what she cost in gas already.

Last night Jay and I went for a LOOOONG ride around the beach bike paths. We were going from 4:30 to around 9:30. It was totally spiffy :)

I have more pix to put up, in the gallery. Look for them in the ‘places’ gallery soon!

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