Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

To post, or not to post?

Actually I meant to post yesterday, but I forgot :-/ So here I am now at least :)

The weekend was pretty nice. Went to a home and garden show with Jay and Tom. Saw some very interesting things. Bought a glass cutting tool there that scores the glass and then flips over to break the glass. I’ve been thinking about taking up stained glass art. I love it, and it looks like fun. Plus I happen to know that if you are good at it you can sell it for substantial amounts of moolah ;)

Went with Jay to see The Tuxedo, with Jackie Chan, and I really loved it. Jackie does not dissapoint! He is still cute, funny, and he really knows how to get his whoopass on, knowhatimean? MMM! I guess the plot was a little thin, but who noticed? Its Jackie Chan! I say go see it, now.. NOW DAMMIT :)

Id like to take this moment to tell DeMar that I did indeed put his new pix in the gallery, just so’s he knows :) We need more like this tho…

Woo baby! :)

And now, for your entertainment….


Doom doom doom doom! :) I dont know who made this animated gif, but they r0x0r my b0x0rs :)


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