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Psst! Wanna buy a couch?

Theres just no way around it.. the couch has to go. Theres just not enough room in the house with all of us, the way the owner wants to arrange it, where we can have a place to put our desks. Right now all I have is my laptop on a board in my lap, and Jay has a really funky setup where he sits in the recliner with a board across his lap, and his monitor is on a chair in front of him. If I can sell the couch for at least half what I paid for it, I should be able to afford a smaller one, like a nice futony number to replace it, matching futon chair maybe. Then there will be plenty of room for a couple desks in the living room. It sucks, I know, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If you know anyone in the So-Cal vicinity who is looking for a huge, luxurious leather couch, with a hide-a-bed and built in recliner, and a big ol cushy matching recliner, then direct them to this link. edit: The couch is sold!.Thanks :) Hehe…

On a happy note, my Great Great Gramma Chaffee is turning 108! Can you believe it? I hear shes still quite the spunky gal too ;) Happy Birthday Gramma! I wish I could meet her again, if only there were money for plane trips. After all, you only turn 108 once :) My mom and dad are making the trip this weekend. Im totally jealous!

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