Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Gallery fixed :)

Finally got the gallery fixed and my pix of Pacific Beach uploaded!! Hoorah! Go me! :) Click here to see them, or click on images—>places–>pacific beach.. yadda yadda..

I have to post this one here though, saw this skirt in a shop downtown and thought of Wendie, so I HAD to snag a pic of it :)

Had a lovely day today, ran some errands this morning, spent some time with the puters and then a nice exhausting bike ride to the beach. The waves were pretty big tonight, the biggest waves Ive seen here yet. Jay thinks I should surf.. I havent decided how I feel about that yet.

Im going to be kicked out of the Goth Club, if I havent been already. Im getting some color in my face and arms, and even my legs have picked up a slight tint. Sigh.. I hang my head in shame…

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