Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


Ive been trying to upload some new pictures to my image gallery, and Im getting all kinds of errors. I can only assume that my web hosts little server move trick has done even more damage to my site than I had originally thought. I cant say Im really happy right now! Im really tired, and not feeling well to begin with, and I just wanted to get these piccies in before going to bed, and now Im unbelievably frustrated to boot.

Aside from that, life isnt too bad :) We have a living room now! Spent all yesterday going through boxes and hauling stuff out to the garage for storage. Fingers crossed we dont have someone break into the garage.. heh. Today, while I lay in bed feeling under the weather, Tom and Jay moved tons of shit out of the house, and tomorrow/today, they are going to install a shower! More finger crossing to help them along with this task, as neither of them are actually plumbers, or even know what they are doing :)

So Ill tackle this image gallery bullshit when I get up, and hopefully have some really nice pics uploaded for your viewing enjoyment.

Heres a sample!


And theres alot more where that came from…

So stay tuned True Believers!

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