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Adventure Time!

How cool is this??

I’m sitting outside Starbucks, here in Pacific Beach (San Diego) typing my post for the day!! I am SUCH a geek :P

Trying to get used to the keyboard I bought for my Ipaq way back when. This is the first time Ive actually used the thing, and Ive had it for months. Heheh!! I’ve been carrying it around with me since I got here, and today I just thought, you know, I need to do something with this thing, and what better use could it be put to?

Just had lunch at this lovely place called the Hawaiian Barbecue. Been eating there almost every day because they have a mini size that costs less than 4 dollars. The food is really scrummy too! Ive tried the barbecue beef, the chicken katsu, the chili, and the loco-moco. The chicken katsu is just strips of chicken fried in batter of some kind. Its “OK” but not fantabulous. The Loco-Moco is some kind of spiced beef patty, with fried egg and gravy. It really is good! The chili so far is my favorite. I thought it tasted strange at first, and then I noticed that it had bits of pineapple in it.. Hehe. Kinda wierd, I thought, but as I finished it, I realised I was really groovin on it, and I’ve had it twice now. YUM! The mini size is exactly the right amount of food, and all of the meals come with rice and their delicious macaroni salad. Its the only place I will eat out these days. Other than that I live on ham sandwiches :P

Last night was great, went walking on the beach at sunset and got to ogle the surfers! Rawr! There were a couple people practicing firedancing on the beach as well… And that was awesome to watch :)

The house is still horrible, but who can reallly notice when there are so many cool places to go outside of it, and they did come and put in the DSL yesterday, so even when I have to be in there, its still livable :P

Going to end this here and do some more walking, enjoy the day :) See ya all you happy people!!!

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