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On the road again…

First off.. I know that *some* of you out there are worried about me, due to the incredibly difficult time Ive had over the last week or so. Trouble getting unemployment checks, trouble renting a truck (without said checks) and trouble just generally getting moved out of here and into the new place in San Diego. Well.. to you worriers, I just want to say, dont worry! Im fine, Ill be fine, and Ill certainly let you know if that changes any time soon :) Thanks for worrying tho.. its nice to know that people care!

Quite a few other people are having issues as well, as my former place of employment has laid off somewhere around 24 people. Some of these people are friends of mine.. not impressed!

Went with Jed and Wendie to the british pub Sunday night.. karaoke night again! Jed once again astounded the audience with his brilliant Tom Jones impression, and I did the usual songs.. but the highlight of my evening was when I realised that the songlist included various songs by Weird Al Yankovich. I entertained the audience with my rendition of “Grapefruit Diet”, which is Weird Al’s version of “Zoot Suit Riot”. It was fantastic! When the music started up, the crowd perked up.. but they didnt get what they were expecting.. oh no! Hehe.. There was a guy up front who was just rolling in the aisles as he read the words off the screen. It was such a rush :)

So yeah.. moving.. ugh. This IS really happenning.. in fact, 99% of my stuff is packed and loaded. Nothing left but the bed and some blankets, and my computer. I am posting this update right before I tear down the network.. so if you are reading this, I am totally out of internet touch for 3 or so days. Hopefully less! Jay and Tom will be driving the truck out tomorrow morning, and Im going to hang around for a day and spend some time with Wendie, and we will be meetting Tiff and Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-yah!) for pizza in the evening. Then Ill crash out on Jed and Wendies couch, and take off by myself in the morning :) Just got the oil changed in my car, and Jay took it in and had new tires put on it, for which I am EXTREMELY grateful! I just want to publicly thank everyone who has helped, either by providing moral, monetary, or physical support :) So thanks to Jed and Wendie, Tom, Jay, Fred, Dennis, and Ken!

My cell phone number will be changing, so basically, there will be absolutely no way to get in touch with me until I get back online to email you all the new number, or until I call you with it, if its like that ;)

Wish me luck!


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