Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

New Server.. same old shit :P

Everything on is moved over to the new server. I’m using Always Web Hosting now. Skoog recommended it, and so far its pretty cool. No shell access, but I’m finding the ways around that. I spent all day fixing all the little things that broke when I moved the site over.

The guestbook and gallery were relatively painless, but the weblog, due to my own tardliness, managed to be a huge pain in the ass. I had to redo all the templates and styles, and I had to put every single post in by hand! I just finished that endeavor. However.. if you put any comments in, they are gone. I may go back through the old weblog and put the comments in by hand too.. but Im not doing it right now!! Im tired!!

So, on that note, Im going to bed :)


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