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Lots of changes..

First off.. I’m moving to San Diego. As a result of this move, my web server will be down, so I have obtained an outside hosting account. I am moving files over as we speak, but the DNS changes won’t propogate for a couple days. When it does happen, my website WILL break. Thats right, it just will. I can’t even test to see what is going to work and what won’t until the dns changes, but I will get it back up and running as quickly as possible. My email is already switched over, so that will run smoothly, and that is way more important than the actual website, so I’m happy about that. My only complaint is that there will be no shell access to the server, so there will be things I won’t be able to do myself. For example, importing my already existing MySQL databases. Bleh!

My hair has undergone some interesting changes in the last month, so I thought I would throw up some pix for you strange people who care :P

First, it was just the haircut, shortening my already fading purple locks.

Then the day-glo red:

Which was too TOO much, even for me, so I bleached it out:

I stayed blonde for a couple days, but its just not me, so I finally settled on this nicer.. somewhat darker and less neon red:

Fun huh?!

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