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I just finished reading Neal Stephensens Cryptonomicon. Wow. Thats a freakin lotta words. How bout that 5 page dissertation on the ins and outs of Cap’n Crunch? (If you are a NEal S. fan, you KNOW what Im talking about) Thats more info on eating cereal than I ever needed to know, thankyouverymuch. Then.. at the end, when our hero FINALLY gets to the long anticipated sex scene with the woman of his dreams.. it gets a meager paragraph. Girl shoves guy down. Girl rips guys pants off. Girl sits on guys dick. Girl doesnt get pissed off when it is over in 5 seconds. A mans perfect sex fantasy I guess.

Anything else I have to say would be considered spoilage.. so click below to read the rest.. at your own risk!

Spoilers here.. beware!!

You sure you want to read this?

OK.. here I go then!

Plot wise, the book is really thin, but Neal makes up for this by describing everything in gruesome detail. One of the few things that really perked me up were the parts dealing with cryptography. The scene where Randy is in a jail cell in the Phillipines, and has to read and write files in morse code on his laptop, in order to defeat an obvious attempt at Van Eck Phreaking , was riveting. Would have been moreso if he hadnt kept flipping to other time periods and locations, but thats just my opinion.

The fact that each and every storyline in the book was winding down to eventually everyone getting together when they were old and gray to dig up this huge nipponese hoard of gold, is pretty obvious from early on, so it gets pretty tedious as it meanders its way to the obvious conclusion. There were parts I just had to force myself to read, to get to the parts that actually meant something to the story.

I’ve been reading alot lately, and of all the books I’ve read in the last month and a half, this one gets the lowest rating. Lots of potential.. too many words. Some reviewer called Neal the “hacker Hemmingway”. I totally agree… Hemmingway was pretty damned long winded too!

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