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Here I am.. back in my computer chair again.. at last! Actually, thats how I felt last Sunday, when we actually got home from the Con. It was a blast, I tell you! A major blast.. fun all around :) I only got to go for one day, so I picked Friday. I got to meet or at least see almost every person I wanted to see. I got my picture taken with:

The REAL Jon and Phillip, from Goats!

Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance

Ted Naifeh of Gloomcookie and Courtney Crumrin fame, who was kind enough to autograph my new copies of Courtney Crumrin #2, 3 and 4. (That pretty much blew my allotted Comic Con funds right there.. hehe)

Christoper Baldwin.. the most excellent and adorable author and artist of Bruno

Darren Bluel of the Blue Hair, and also the artistic force behind Nukees
(Ihad to get his pic.. the hair.. the HAIR!!!)

I also scored this picture of Johnen Vasquez.. the Supreme Overlord of all print comics, and creator of Invader Zim. I finally got a copy of ‘I Feel Sick’ #1, and Johnen autographed it!

I almost got a pic of Roman Dirge, the tattooed wonder who was responsible for Lenore, but he left just before I got back. I DID see him.. but didnt realise he would be leaving so soon :(

You’ll notice my hair has changed color a bit.. well.. ALOT. I dyed it the night before we left. It came out a bit brighter than Id thought. Got lots of cool comments at the Con, and one guy even asked to take MY picture! Probably thought I was a Cosplayer and just couldnt figure out who I was supposed to be :P Of course, these pics are settled firmly in the image gallery, under events –> Comic Con 2002.

Along with all that I got Chris’ autograph, and a custom sketch of Stanley, from the comic, just for me :) He is the COOLEST guy.. if I hadnt thought he would be busy with other things.. I would have asked him out to coffee with us after. I probably should have asked, at the very least he would have been nice about telling me he already had plans :) We actually ran into Pete Abrams at Christophers booth. Pete just strolled up while I was talking to Christopher, and I wouldnt have even known who he was if Chris hadnt piped up with an intro. Frankly I was just glad to have found Chris at all, after hunting him down for about an hour. I forgot the booth number and we had to trudge back upstairs to the only exhibitor map in the freaking place, then back down again to where we already WERE, and there he was. I dont know how I missed it.. but thats just one of those things I guess. It was the highlight of the Con for me. Ive been reading Bruno forevor, and I really respect his talent both as a writer and as an artist. I know it seems bleak to him at times. (From what I read on his website) but I just know this guy is going to go far!

The rest of the trip was good and bad.. mostly good. The biggest problem was the accomodations. Being all unemployed, there would be no fancy shmancy hotels for me.. oh no. Instead, we got to stay in Jays friends house gratis. Sounds good? Oh sure.. wait, what you dont know is, this house is heavily under construction. Half of the walls are bashed in, NO SHOWERS OR SINKS!!! There were at least toilets.. that would have been really bad. As it was, 20 dollars went to the closest health club for a weeks worth of shower rights. Ugh. I really hate public showers, but I hate not showering even more. There was a computer, but no internet connection.. eek! Then there was the bed. Had an air mattress that used to be fine, but has now sprung a most fearsome leak. You would start out the night in lovely air-bufferred bliss.. and wake up in the morning sleeping on the floor.. with all the cramps and pains to go with it.

But the area was so nice! The house was only a 20 minute walk from the beach. Not that Im a huge beach person.. but the walk was cool. There are spiffy shops and restaurants and people all along the place. The night of the con we ate at the niftiest curry place.. I had vindaloo chicken. YUM! It was cheap… er.. inexpensive.. too :) If one were looking to become more active.. this wouldnt be a bad place to be. I hear that Jays friend is going to put showers in the house soon.. hmmm… Hehehehe!

The drive to and from was uneventful, which is a Good Thing(tm) when driving long distances to and from anywhere, at any time. Coming home was pure unadulterated bliss. I sat right down in front of my computer, and vegged. Oh how I did veg! I took a nice break from thinking about anything, except those stupid essential things, and now Im back.. 5 days later.. ready to update my website. And so it is updated! Well.. almost!

Went to see the new Austin Powers movie on a matinee… and absolutely loved it. It was a scream :) Totally disgusting, cheap, tasteless, classic Austin Powers! If you havent seen it, I recommend you get your arse in gear :) Two thumbs up and a snap in a Z formation!

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