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Adventure Time!

Off to Comic-Con I go!

Yes, thats right.. Im off to San Diego for Comic Con. And why not? Its not like I have anything else to do right? Ill have marginal access to email, and my cel phone with me, and if there is some fantastic job oppurtunity that comes up, Ill be glad to skip merrily back home for it ;)

I just finished reading Good Omens, by Neil Gaimen, and a couple days ago I finished American Gods. This guy is good.. I Just have to say that! I could hardly put them down, so if you havent read his work, DO IT! Im going to get a copy of Stardust next.. that looks pretty interesting.

I watched A Beatiful Mind and The Royal Tennenbaums the other night. TRT was ok.. had some laughs, and I felt it was worth the rental, but A Beautiful Mind was one of the best movies Ive seen in a long time. It really got me interested in the life of John Nash. 2 thumbs up and a snap in a Z formation from me!

I dyed my hair again, this time a very very very very very VERY bright red. No pics yet, and Im on my way out the door so there wont be any for a little while, but I promise, there WILL be a pic or two on the site soon enough :)

So Ill see you all next week, when I will provide pictures and tales from Comic Con!

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