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Hair yesterday.. gone today

Went to see MIB II with Jay on Monday, and I have to tell you, I loved it! I dont care what the critics say, it was funny. I was entertained for the full hour and a half. Thats all that matters to me :)

Got this link from Its an article about music piracy and whether or not it is really killing the music industry, written by a smart lady who actually is IN the music industry.

And now for the grand finale! I got my hair cut.. alot. ALOT alot. In fact, there isnt much of it left…

Oh hell, Ill just post a pic here.

Now.. I know at least one, and maybe a couple more, people who arent going to like this change. All I can say is, I wanted to try it, so I did. And I like it! Now.. I dont know if I like it enough to keep it this way, but Im not going to be crying in my pillow tonite over my lost locks. Its freakin hair, it grows back! My reasoning was, I wanted to try it, but if I let my hair grow really long again, Id never do it. I would never be able to get really long hair cut again. So it was now or never baby :) I got it done at 5 Color Cowboy, on The Alameda. Wendie recommended the place, and the owner, Johnny. This is the first place Ive gotten my hair done at in 3 years that I would consider (WILL be!) going back to, and I heartily recommend to anyone in the San Jose area! This place has tons of atmosphere, and the stylists are fearless! I can only personally vouch for Johnny, but I saw lots of folks go in, and I saw lots of good lookin folks leave, with smiles on their faces :)

July 24, 2002
Posted by BinaryGoddess at 11:36 PM

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