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Two week update

Its been a fun two weeks:) OK.. well not ALL fun, but there was fun to be had, and this was a Good Thing(tm).

I have a new friend, Ben.. and hes a living doll :) Hi Ben! (Just in case he reads this ;) He spent a couple days at my place, hanging out, watching Anime, playing computer games.

Heres a pic.. but it doesnt do him justice!

The 4th was a blast, I spent it at the Adams abode.. where we had an excellent view of the fireworks from the balcony of their swanky apartment. Wendie took some very nice pictures of the fireworks, which I need to remind myself to ask for copies of. The irony of celebrating Americas independance from Britain, with a couple of crazy brits was not lost on us either ;) Personally, I just like it when things blow up :P

I was sick for most of the week and a half after this.. but when Danny wanted someone to go car shopping with him, I couldnt resist, so off we went! He ended up with a sleek, shiny 99 Camaro Z-28, convertible, all black, all cool. He crashed at my place that night, Saturday, and we went to Santa Cruz for the day. Top down.. wind in our faces.. sun on our skin. Ugh.. sun :P Had a way too expensive for the quality meal, which I barely touched, due to the sore throat that I had developed nicely by this time. I shouldnt have gone, but it WAS nice :) We came back, I collapsed onto the couch, and Danny ended up heading home. I didnt move for almost two days, except to fix myself what little I could manage to eat. I was actually tentatively supposed to meet someone in Antioch, but they hadnt called, and even if they had, there was no way I would have been up for it!

The following Saturday was a trip to Great America with Danny, Mike, Jed and Wendie. Thanks to Danny for allowing me to use his extra ticket to attend. I couldnt pass the “recording studio” and ended up making my own CD with two songs on it. If I can find the damn thing again Ill rip it to MP3 so the whole world can be repelled by my *cough* lovely voice :) I managed to get on two scary rides, the Top Gun, and the Stealth. Both were very scary, and very cool! We all waited in line for a third, but when they shut it down for repairs (temporarily, they claimed) it made us nervous, so we passed on waiting another hour for it. Then we all headed for IHOP, where I had a scrummy belgian waffle, and great company, and we all headed for home. I really do love those guys :)

OH! And this last Sunday evening was ace! I popped over to Jed and Wendies NEW swanky apartment (which is huge and gorgeous and I am SOOO jealous!) for chip butties with them and the lovely and enigmatic Jenny and Max. Unfortunately, Jenny and Max couldnt make it, so instead of home-made chip butties, we popped over to the authentic british pub. We actually walked, it was that close to the new place. Jed and I had the BBC (bangers, beans and chips) which, for the unenlightened (:P) Is sausages, baked beans, and french fries. It was very nice! I even snagged a piece of bread and butter and made myself a chip buttie after all :) (Unwashed americans would call that a “french fry sandwich) The big surprise was, it turns out there was Karaoke that night at the pub, and of course the Karaoke Junkie in me went a bit nuts :) Jed and Wendie graciously sat through my renditions of True Colors, Thank You(Dido), Fever, and Criminal. I was then amazed to find that our own super sexy Jed can do a super sexy rendition of Its Not Unusual! Thats right, Jed is Tom Jones’ sexier evil twin :) I was totally impressed!

So thats all I can remember right now.. Ill update if/when I recall anything else :)

As for the job search, its pretty dry so far. I have my resume in several spots, and even sent one in to a recruiter, but there havent been any nibbles yet. Should I be worried? Heh.. we shall see…


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