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Good news, and bad news

The good news is, I get a vacation! Yep.. as long as I want. The bad news is, I was fired yesterday. Ironically enough, this is the shirt I was wearing when I got fired.

If you read this website at all, you know there used to be more details, but I decided that it was TOO much detail for this venue, so suffice it to say.. there were no hard feelings on either side, it just didnt work out. It happens :)

On an up note, I have enough money to keep going for a month or two, and Im highly qualified to get another job. I have GOOD friends, who think Im pretty spiffy. I have family that cares about me. Life does not suck, even if it doesnt look so hot right now. Im no optimist, but right now looking at the bright side is neccesary for survival, otherwise Im going to go lay down on the bed behind me, and start crying, and lord knows what could pull me out of it. For some insane reason, I miss Skoog right now. He is nowhere to be seen on IRC, and for some stupid reason, I cant find his number.

On an up note, Wendie made me a SpookyKaren! How cool is that?

I love it! Its now nestled firmly in my image gallery’s caricature section. The idea has been brought up that I need a section dedicated to pictures of people doing the Zoolander “look”. How funny is that? hehe

I also did do my afterburner, and it came out great :) There are pix in the gallery, under events –> afterburner installation. Or you can just click here. Ill post a couple more pix of the “brightness dial” installation, but to tell the truth, I think an on/off switch would have been better. There isnt enough play in the pot to really make a difference, its either on, or off. I have two more to do, one for a very special young person, and one commision I just recieved. Not sure if Ill bother with the dimmers on those, itll be up to the people in question I guess :)

So that is my very long post for today. Alot has happenned in the last week. More than I even want to write here. An era has ended for me, but I came out of it with some great learning, and even better friends. Thanks to Jed, Wendie, Brian, Roman, Kris and Danny, for being there :) I wont be a stranger.. I mean, how could I get any stranger? ;)

Th-th-th-thats all folks!

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