Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Busy weekend?

I went skating in SF this weekend, and managed to fall down go boom. Ive got a lovely bruise on my right knee to show for it. No GBA mod yet, I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning. Oh how I did clean! The place is almost presentable now :) I just need to get the carpets cleaned, and I’ll be ready to have all my friends over for a big belated housewarming party. WoOo!

I absolutely promise to do my GBA light soon.. probably this coming weekend. I just wanted to get this housecleaning thing out of the way. It was quite a job, the place was an absolute disaster, and I had tons of junk that needed sorting and throwing out. That part is done now, if it werent for the carpets Id think it was perfect.

I also re-purpled my hair.. it was in dire need. Now its back to its deep gorgeous purple color.. yay :)

I added loads of pix to the image gallery. There is now a section for pictures of my friends, and events. I moved the fire pix in there and added some pix from our company picnic last week. I found some pix from halloween last year, I need to add those too…

Going to bed now!

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