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This weekend was so packed full of things that I’m going to have to blog about it, because I don’t want to retype all the details over and over, and it’s too much for twitter.

Saturday started out so great. First we went with Lindz to the big plant sale at the Civic Center, where I got a couple little rock garden plants to put in a little vacant planter that I have, then we went and got some shoes and hit a comic shop because Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! Lindz had a thing to do so she took off and we went home, had some lunch and then went around to a few more of our favorite local comic venues, and came back with quite a haul. We had a huge stack of the free comics, and a smaller but equally awesome stack of things that we had purchased. Than got RASL 2, I got the first hardcover Lenore collection and Hellboy: Bride of Hell, and we snagged a bundle of the first 5 Enders Game comics for 5 bucks (20 dollar value). I don’t normally buy Orson Scott Card’s stuff since I found out what a huge douchenozzle he is, but I love love love Ender’s Game, and at least we didn’t pay full retail!

After we got home Than napped, and I got ready  big party in Over the Rhine, the first annual Burner Ball which was a benefit for The Koi Pound. It had a prom theme so we had gone to goodwill and I found the perfect prom dress that actually fit and looked great on me (3 bucks! woo!), and we got dressed to the nines and I got to go to a prom with my dream date!  The party was fun and we saw a few people we hadn’t seen in forever, so that was quite awesome. Here we have a scan of our “Prom Pic” after I tweaked the colors in photoshop a bit. (It was a point and shoot cam and then printed on a lil photo printer, but it was 2 bucks and otherwise there would be no pics at all) No your eyes do not deceive you, the trim on my dress IS pink :D

The night took a turn for the worse though. After the party was over we went out to go home only to find that some asshole had taken a VERY LARGE ROCK and bashed at our door a few times before hurling it through the window. Aside from the copious amounts of damage done to the car they got away with an old ipod, the ipod and iphone chargers and the iphone mount that Than had JUST gotten. They also ripped the cable out of the tape adapter. This morning

Than took picks of the damage with his iPhone, which you can see here:

OTR Rock Assault

The worst part was that it had been raining all day, and it was threatening to rain again. Than was trying to get on the phone with his insurance company and I was using his old army blanket to try and clear the glass from the front seats when the people at the KOI Pound came out and found us like that. They were so nice, they took us back to the pound so that the car could be cleaned out in their garage, out of the rain. They provided a shop vac and lights and Melissa and Grimm gave us vodka and we got to see their place, which is amazing. So many lovely people. Part of the night was spent outside by the big bonfire watching people spin sticks and hoops and poi with pretty colored lights, until the Big Rain hit and then we took shelter in the hooka lounge and listened to lovely ambient techno. That place has such a wonderful vibe, I’m kinda hoping to see more of it.

We didn’t get home until after 5AM (don’t worry, most of the vodka was consumed by me, not Than, so he was safe to drive)

Sunday was supposed to be a cleaning day, and then we were going to meet Hito at Highland, but it rained ALL DAY and we were still pretty drained from the drama of the previous night, so instead we were huge lazy lumps and spent all day reading comics, doing the NYT Sunday crossword and playing scrabble on our iThings.

Today Than is home so we can get the car stuff squared away. He did finally get hold of his insurance guy and got the name of the place to take the car to, and he does have a loaner clause so we won’t be without a car. We even have insurance to cover the theft of our possessions, assuming they don’t find a way to screw us.

So that’s it, our weekend in brief.

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