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You ever have those times when you remember some fun time you had way back when and you really miss a particular friendship you had back then but you are pretty sure you will never truly have it back and you kinda know why it fell apart but really you don’t know why for sure because things got so jumbled up for a while and you’re pretty sure there were a lot of misunderstandings but it’s been so long and you don’t want to bring it up again because you already tried and it didn’t help but damn you really wish things hadn’t gone wrong because it really was a good friendship?

Yeah.. me too.

One response to “ Rambling ”

  1. DannyB says:

    It just means you’ve grown since then. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have anything to compare against when you look back and you’d have nothing to be nostalgic about. Remember, there’s a reason why the windshield is so big, and the rear-view is so small. :)

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