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Today Than built me a light box. (I helped!)

Specifically one of these. I had one before that we had made from foam core board and tissue paper, and it worked like a charm for taking photos of jewelry and other small things. Of course that flimsy thing did not survive the move from Clifton to College Hill. This one, made pretty much exactly like the one in the aforementioned link, is much sturdier. I don’t have the worklights like that guy does, I use desklights with natural light bulbs in them for now. Someday I will get the proper lighting but this still does not do a bad job! So for my ASAD I post a couple shots that I took while testing out the new lightbox.

The first shot is of one of my new(ish) boots with one of a pair of knitted spats on it. I just finished that one today so it could be considered an ASAD in and of itself. What actually makes this fabulous is the fact that under normal circumstances my camera (a nice snapshot cam but not a professional grade by any stretch) does not like the color red. With my new lightbox and a small tripod I was able to get a shot of the spat with an accurate representation of the color. This is a Big Deal(tm) for someone like me who loves the color combination black and red so very very very much.
The second is the same necklace I’d posted about earlier in the month, but an actual good shot of it with nice detailing. It could have used a good cleaning before I shot it, but for a quick test shot with minimal post processing this is a HUGE improvement over my webcam :)
So there you have it…

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