Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

So its been a while…

yeah.. I havent modded my GBA yet, I’ve been too busy cleaning. Don’t worry, it will be done soon, with pics, as promised!

Went to see Scooby Doo last night with some of my cool friends, Jed, Wendie, Brian, and Danny. Let me just tell you.. it kicked ass. If youve heard bad reviews, forget them. It was freakin hilarious!!

On a more sober note, I’ve been going through something this last week, and if you know me you know what I am talking about. If not, well.. this isnt a place for me to air my dirty laundry, sorry! I did want to say thank you to Jed and Wendie for being there for me. They have always been good friends, and I’ve never appreciated them more than I do now. I wouldn’t have gotten through last weekend with them :) Thanks guys!

My very good friend did this caracature of me as a South Park kid, and it r0x!

Its in my image gallery. I’m thinking of starting a special section for drawings of me, I have 3 now.. hehe. Now if I can get Wendie to do a Spookypic of me! How cool would that be?

I would also like to add a Happy Fathers Day to my dad…. love ya!!

and a big ol MWAH to my ultra spiffy MMY! *MWAH*


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