Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


Yesterday I was told that my site was “Tooo GREEEEEN” and another fine induhvidual had proclaimed it had “too many lines”

This morning I was told I needed to lose the “Matrix-y look” (pttthhhhpt!)

Now normally Id just tell em all to get bent :P However, the design was only a sketchy one. I was more concerned at the time with finding something to put ON the site than how it looked. Soooo I did a bit of redesign last night.

Its not done, but I did reduce the lines by a great deal, and I have a new set of graphics in the works that will break up the green a bit and perhaps look somewhat more original.

Hey, I can take constructive criticism :P

So if any of you Website Critics have any ideas as to what kind of CONTENT I should put up here, Id be glad to hear about that too ;-)

Now, Im off, to do some worklike things.


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