Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Missed it by *THAT MUCH*

From: Red Hat Certification Central
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2002 9:00 AM
To: The Binary Goddess
Subject: RHCE Certification Lab Exam results

Dear Binary Goddess:

The results of your RHCE Certification Lab Exam are reported below (an
average of 80.00% with no single score below 50% is required for a PASS):

I. Debug Lab Exam: 75%
II. Multiple Choice Exam: 84%
III. Server Install and Network Services Setup Lab Exam: 80%

Exam Average: 79%

RHCE Certification: DID NOT PASS

Unfortunately you did not pass the Certification Lab Exam. We hope you
will see this not as a bad thing but an opportunity.

The best way to improve skills with Red Hat Linux is to get experience
installing, configuring, and administering the product for networking,
fileserver, and other typical roles. When you feel you are ready, you
may register to re-take the RHCE Certification Lab Exam at one of the
scheduled exam-only sessions.

I have nothing to say right now. I am sad.

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