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Adventure Time!

OK let’s try a real post now!

I’ve got LivePress working great so now I should be updating both my website and my LJ from now on. At least until LivePress breaks with the next update of WordPress. I think I still have to make LJCuts manually.. I suppose that is not such a huge sacrifice. I don’t put up many posts that require them. I do try to be considerate with the LJCuts though, unlike soooome people on my friendslist :P

I suppose I should re-learn how to make a custom “skin” for my site again. I do hate using a prefab theme when I have all these mad skillz of my own. I have so many other things to do these days though. It gets difficult to properly prioritize them sometimes.

2 Responses to “ OK let’s try a real post now! ”

  1. Binary Goddess says:

    Doing the test comment thing again.. blah blah blah yadda yadda

  2. Binary Goddess says:

    Testing again and again

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