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Website Changed AGAIN :)

So here we have a new design! Inspired in part by the ultra-cool logo that Jed had done for me, and in part by just being in the mood to do something different. I also worked in a new weblog manager, and have gotten away from Blogger. I did like Blogger but I didnt like not being able to update when their servers were down, so I moved on to Movable Type, and so far Im pretty happy. The templates arent so easy to work with but with massive tweaking and only minor banging of head on the keyboard and tooth gnashing, I managed to mold it to my will :)

So Ive got the new blogger working, for the most part. There will still be tweaking.. oh yes.. there will..

Still need to add the proper backgrounds and finishing touches to the rest of the pages.. but Im declaring this website a success.. and calling it a night.

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