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Long time no post

In my typical manner, I’ve not posted in far too long.

Highlights include:

  1. We’ve moved! (mostly) and the place is pretty damn spiffy.. if still a bit cluttered and unfinished.
  2. We celebrated our 1st anniversary in Evansville, Indiana in which we saw Keryn and Morgan, had sushi with them and also birthday girl Glenda and her JP, played and won (JimmyThan and I as a team) a game of Cranium, had breakfast with Panda, hung out at Panera bread and then Barnes and Noble with Rachel, Josh, David and Ian, and had a nice Zombie Jesus Day dinner with Keryn, Morgan, Glenda, JP and… 2 girls whose names I never caught. Unfortunately we had to end ZJD dinner early as we needed to get back on the road for home, but the whole damn weekend was a blast.
  3. I’ve taken up beading and it is awesome. Hoping to make a few dollars off of it at some point.
  4. Profit.. er I mean.. there isn’t really anything else I can think of.
Pictures!Taken by Keryn, these are our anniversary pics. The hat rocks! We got that at the antique mall in Eville. I made the necklace and earrings.

and another beaded necklace bit that I’ve done, in an effort to improve my craft…

And that is all you get for now :)


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