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Holiday MADNESS!!!

I really do need to start posting things as they happen, so as to avoid these looooong posts encompassing multiple events, wherein I manage to forget half of what I wanted to post about.

Note: for those of you who are not aware, My family, myself and most of Cincinnati refer to Nathaniel as ‘Than’, so when you see me talking about Than, that is to whom I am referring!

First there was Christmas, which came in several parts.

The christmas pics are all located here.

We had a housemate xmas, short and sweet. We gave Bardi the essential Johnny Cash songbook, and Chris the WoW quest hat, we received 20 dollar gift certs from Best Buy (Which we bought PS2 games with!) and a new waffle iron (ours had taken a turn for the worse and burned up some perfectly good waffles) Thank you muches to Bardi!

We had a little personal xmas, we opened our gifts from/to each other and the ones his family sent. He received from me a very nice steel mandolin slicer, he gave me the green velvet shirt I’d drooled over and a silver train case. (perfect!) His parents sent an awesome 3D puzzle of a working grandfather clock, a toolbelt that fits over a bucket, some turtle paraphenalia (…) for me a pretty pair of earrings, a carved wooden mouse for my computer monitor (computer mouse, get it? hahahaha) along with some adorable little songbooks that Than had made as a kidling, which I have to say was my favorite present of all. I love those mementos of the early years :) His sis sent him two pairs of skushy socks and a really spiff cell phone case. (I stole a pair of the socks, my feet are so toasty now!) His Gram sent a fabulous tape measure with a laser level in it, and… a bronze.. turtle. So thanks go out to the Walizer clan for their part in making it a special holiday season! We had fun picking presents for his family, made even more fun due to the fact that I don’t know them well yet (I’m sure this will be rectified in the future :) ) For his mom we found some lovely hand painted ‘Curious Chickens’ boxes, from Thailand, for his dad, a gorgeous leather bound wine journal, for his sister he picked out 2 movies from her Amazon wishlist and gave her an Amazon gift cert. Fun!

We had a christmas with my family, we all met up at Thomy and Christina’s house where we spent many hours eating good foods, drinking delicious gin and tonics, playing guitar hero and later a rousing game of euchre. Opening presents was a real event this year, the tree was jam packed with goodies. The two little ones made out like bandits, of course :) The present list for them would be too long to begin to list, suffice it to say that santa was very very good to them! We received a few choice tidbits ourselves, not least of which was the camera Mom gave me to replace the camera of mine that I’d lost earlier in the year. She rocks :) Than got an awesome rotating cheese grater, and a 3d tick tack toe game. Mom also gave me a sweet little purple velvet makeup brush and manicure case which will make a lovely little girl geek toolkit, a rad CD case, and a makeup brush holder that fits nicely in my new train case. My brother Thomy also picked out several kick-ass sets of chopsticks for Than (great job with that!) For my mom, I made her a pretty purple velvet scarf with silver fringe and little silver bead details, as well as a carousel horse music box from the San Francisco Music Box company. To my dad we gave the Friends edition of the Scene It trivia game. Considering I have 4 brothers and all of us 5 have significant others this year, we decided to once again do the not-so-secret santa style gift exchange between us, and through the powers of chance we ended up with Matt and Scott’s names. For Scott I agonized over what to give him.. I wanted it to be something just for him that he could have fun with, and ended up picking out a remote control helicopter. He loved it, btw ^_^ Matt’s was easier. He and I share a love for dragons, and I know he enjoys reading, so the dragon bookends worked out well! Overall it was a fantastic time, I love you guys very much!

Did not get to see Chance or Cameron for the holiday, they ended up spending it in Michigan, so will get to give them their gifts probably this coming weekend. Well.. at least Cam’s computer anyway :) Chance is getting cash this year, I just wish we could find a way to give it to him in person!

The final leg of our christmas season was spent on the 28th, when we had a nice dinner with Joe and Barbara. We had actually planned on having it on christmas day, but due to an interesting mixup between the time dinner started and how many people would be there, we missed it. Still, leftover turkey sandwiches followed by irish coffees (which went over very well, I was proud of myself!) and scottish ginger biscuits along with a really awesome stolen that Barb had, made for a fabulous post-xmas dinner. Between the food and the conversation I could not have asked for a better evening. We even brought them some cute irish coffee mugs that we found at World Market so we could do the irish coffees properly.

Sooo that was Christmas, and that was the SHORT VERSION!

*pant* *pant*

Then there was New Year’s Eve

New Years trip pictures here!

We decided to head to Evansville, I wanted to do something fun that was not at home as I’d spent the last 2 NYEs. Than agreed and Evansville was the place of choice since I’d met so many of his friends there already and honestly there has not been a time I’ve gone there with him and not enjoyed myself thoroughly, and that includes the time we went and I had an abscessed tooth and was in agony for a good portion of the trip.

We brought Dita and Kitty out to spend the time with Panda and Hito, coz we are cool like that!

We stayed this time with Heather (tentacularone) and Peter, along with their awesome silver cat Bishi.

Highlights included:

-Meeting Rachel and Josh, and their visiting friend, ugh.. names? Mike or Dave? (SORREEEEE! I suck so bad with names!)
-Meeting Sparky(sparkythejester) finally!(Hi Sparky!)
-Sadly not meeting the Best Roommate Evar! David, but having him consent (over the phone) to give me this fantastic dress form (because they had two and it was too big for Rachel to use) which is adjustable and is going to make my sewing so much easier!
-Getting to eat at Jimmy Jengs again! -YUM-
-Finally getting to eat at the Acropolis.. oh hell yes
-Hanging with Noah, Panda, Hito, Kitty and Dita at different intervals over the course of the weekend
-Karaoke with DJ Sparky (Pics here)
-Partay at Heathers, involving Karaoke Revolution, Arkham Horror, and.. what was it called? Fuck This? A card game that teaches profanity AND grammar! Woot!
-Meeting more people at party.. sucking at remembering names again, but there was not one person there who was not fun and awesome :)
-Lots of delicious champagne and lots of midnight kisses from my super hot boyfriend ^_^< /br>



Now I am looking forward to a nice, quiet, chilled out few months to recover from all that fun :)

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