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NYE Plans

NYE Plans

Well, it looks like Than (aka Jimmy, Hoffa, Jimmy Hoffa, Nat, Jesus, Nathaniel, WHATEVER! :) ) and I will be in Evansville for NYE :) Thanks to tentacularone and roomies for the sofa-bed! Looking forward to a nice subdued party with friends and alcohol, and not being at HOME for a change! (My last 2 new years eve’s were totally ruined by my freaking boring ex boyfriend ^_^ Yeah you know who you are! Deal with it! HAHAHAHA)

We will be driving up friday the 29th in the evening, so will be in Eville around 10-11PM, and we are bringing Panda and Hito’s silly friends Dita and Kitty with us. Likely we will all go our separate ways for most of the visit but we do hope to spend *some* time with them as well :) We will be leaving the afternoon/early evening on the 2nd to get home in time for sleeps before works on the 3rd. So that’s friday, saturday and sunday night we will be in town. If you live there or can make it there, give us a call on his cel to make plans. We want lots of hanging outs! I’m going to have him post this in his LJ too because many of his Eville friends don’t list me as a friend, and so will not read this.

Unfortunately there will be no Keryn for this one, our beloved fiercenailbunny is insisting on being all responsible and working her last days at her horrid job, but will soon be living in Eville and be so close for the visiting that we will practically live there!

I am working on a write-up and pictures of our christmas, but I’m not posting until tomorrow night because I want this to be on top for a bit.

Edit: We leave Eville on the 1st, not the 2nd!

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    I love this comment system!

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