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Best Birthday EVAR!

Have I mentioned that jrhoffa is wonderful and sweet and also awesome? Oh? Well he IS. Also he is very very sneaky! ^_^

Starting with the bestest gift from Than, after convincing me that it would cost too much.. I now own a copy of the reason to own a PSP. The game is Loco Roco and if you do not own it.. go get the damn thing already. He even snuck the game into my own game case and wrapped the case, then snuck the wrapped case into my purse. It was quite effective. I actually squeed ^_^

Also he got me a Batman Begins lunchbox, with various little Batman items like the cute plastic rings and a great bat signal suncatcher :D

He tricked me into thinking he had to work on my birthday, and when we woke up after 9AM I freaked out thinking he was going to be late he springs it on me that he didn’t have to work after all. Sneaky!

It was a wonderful chill day. He made me birthday pancakes and then I played my game until around 4PM, then got ready to go out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Macaroni Grill. I know it’s a chain, but it’s a quality chain! Had my favorite sausage and pepper classico, he had the veal marsala which turned out to be chicken marsala. He didn’t even know, nor did I, duhhhr. Still they came out and apologized, gave him the veal in a to-go box and then did not charge him for the chicken. I love the service there.

After, went to Highland and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Dale and Todd, then Amanda and… I don’t know her name but she was funny.

Than was tired, so we came home just a bit after midnight, and now I’m back in my comfy jammies posting this, then I’m gonna go play my game some more :)

Highlights since last posting.

Panda’s rave was a win, unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy it because I had an abscessed tooth and was in a lot of pain. This has been rectified. Still did have fun and as always I love seeing Panda and Keryn and the rest of the Eville people.

Had Cameron over for the weekend again, always a fabulous time :) He showed Than how to fly a car in GTA: Vice City :D

Pizza with Joe and Barbara, and it was quite excellent pizza and excellent company. Working on a site design for Barbara and it’s going to be fabulous. Details when they exist.

That’s all I can remember. Maybe more later if I can think of somethings…

Edit: Also had a pre-birthday-type party thing with Dave and Becca at Dave’s parents house (currently travelling abroad) and finally got to see Harold and Maude, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and had vegan chili and also vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes. It was all very tasty! Panda, Kitty, Hito, Dita and Hako stopped in for a short while as well.. but were pretty much distracted by things ^_^ *teases*

Signing off!

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