Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

How do I wrote post?

I suck at posting, like crazy. I know this.

So, a synopsis of fun.

Met up with Panda, Hito, Kate, Ian et al at Sugoi, loads of fun, then got too drunk and a tad emotional and scared Hito and Panda. (sorry :( ) We lost the camera, which sucks a LOT, but my mom loaned me her little 4MP digital Elph and is getting us a new camera for xmas. Won’t be as big and shiny and belly/whistly, but it will be ours and therefore awesome. Also the loaning did not happen until well after we met up in Evansville, so there are no pictures. That is sad.

Met up with Panda and Hito and Noah and Keryn (YAYYY!!) and Heather and Glenda and Tee(sp?) and Leah and Amy in Evansville to see Panda’s most excellent private concert, which was full of good and win, and which I loved. Leading 18 blindfolded people down basement stairs was interesting, nobody got hurt! Keryn loaned me sexy party clothes for the TKE party because we both have the same fabulous proportions, did *not* drink too much, met Bird Man, he climbed a tree, and was very drunk. It was my first ever fraternity party. w00t!

Noah graciously allowed us to crash at his place, and therefore he rocks. Well he rocked anyway, but that was extra rock.

Than has lots of friends, it is marvelous :) I’m glad to have met all the ones I hadn’t met before, and to see all the ones again that I had met already.

Than got the job that had been stringing him along the last month. He started monday and it’s looking good. They have him on 6 hour days right now but he says they will kick him up to normal hours after he gets settled in.

Happy belated birthday to Panda, who knows that we love him, and I did IM him birthday wishes but I wanted to put them in here too because he is a glorious person who deserves lots of splinky things to happen to him and also to Hito who is full of cute and nice.

That’s all I can remember right now.. more later if I think of it….

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