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Rules of attraction

So I’m posting something because [info]g0jir0 told me to. Damn you [info]g0jir0!

I was talking to a few people about this, [info]bardiphouka and Than mostly. It’s just interesting, I think.

I’ve had people tell me I’m attractive, or cute. Occasionally I get drop dead gorgeous. I appreciate those compliments but no matter who they are, no matter how much they mean to me, that does not really make me feel attractive. I know they mean it, I don’t feel lied to, it just doesn’t ever touch my deep-seated belief that I’m very average looking. Now.. when there is someone standing in front of me, looking at me “that way” with the eyes and the touching and etc. etc. .. That makes me feel gorgeous. Drop-fucking-dead gorgeous. It’s not just sex.. it’s something more intangible.

Thanks to Than I’ve been feeling very attractive lately.. it’s a nice thing to feel.

So yeah, it’s a post. Deal with it.

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