Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


Than and I went to see Drugstore Valentine play at Top Cats last night. I’m glad finally got to see them, been promising Oz forever that I would but I kept missing them. He’s quite the showman, very hot on the stage, but Than saved me from chasing after him with his manly possesiveness.. so very sexy ;)

I’m not sure how it happened, but it looks like I’ve got myself a boyfriend.. wow. How cool is that?

I was thinking about the previous posts I made regarding Albert and the crap we went through, and the fact that I really did not think I could deal with another relationship. It’s been .. almost 7 months and aside from some residual bitterness, I seem to be ok again. I can finally remember those few good things about that past relationship without wanting to throw up, and I can recognize, with a clear head, that it was a good thing that it ended. Some people just should not be together.

So ..

Yay we’re doomed!

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