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So… yeah… mmmyep…

My post of the day.

I talked to Albert a little this afternoon before work. It was ok. I left some papers in a drawer in his kitchen, Neo’s vet records are in there and I want to take him in for a checkup. I want to make sure they don’t give him shots he doesn’t need. So I messaged Albert and he’s sending me my stuff out today. It was nice to talk to him without bitterness.

Work is boring. That is all I have to say about that. Oh wait no.. it also sucks.

Had a nice ‘breakfast’ with [info]bardiphouka before work, and I gots me a neon green Price Hill Skyline t-shirt! A winnar is me!!1~“

Or something.

I am so wearing it to work tomorrow.

Still need to get more minutes on my cel phone, and get a new job. That is my to-do list.

Actually I do have some things I want to get done over the next month or so in my room, since I’m all staying and stuff.

1. pick out furniture I like, put it on layaway so it will be ready when I get my room painted
2. pick out paint to coordinate with the furniture
3. make new blinds for my windows
4. find new drapes
6. strip and stain woodwork and paint walls
7. clean carpet
8. other stuff along those lines

so there is my post for the day.. a binarygoddess world record! The crowd goes WILD!


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