Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Oh… my… GOD

OK, I want it on the record, I have the best boyfriend EVAR! I was miserable this weekend and wishing it would be today because I wasn’t supposed to see him until tonight. That sneaky .. grr! (that is not an angry grr btw :P )

So I was expecting to have [info]bardiphouka  pick me up after work, maybe go to highland, probably just try to get to bed so I wouldn’t think too much about being alone again and I walk out the door and he’s standing out there waiting for me! I have never ever had a happier moment. We had some coffee, and he took me home with him and gave me a Guiness and made me delicious food and we talked and .. you know, did other stuff, and I can’t believe how happy I am with him.

That’s right .. I’m talkin about you [info]jrhoffa :) Deal with it! Ptthpt!

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