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A helluva party

Colin and Taylor are gone.. I am sad :(

Their going-away party on Saturday was quite possibley the most awesome party I have ever been to.

Bardiphouka, Sean, Mikey and.. someone who’s name I don’t remember were in the garage jamming with guitars and Sean’s sax, and kicking much ass. Than gave it the ol’ grad student’s try but was a bit too drunk to keep up with the veterans. He looked very sexy holding the guitar though ;)

There was a fire pit, in which a hard drive was sacrificed. (Pretty colors!)

There was fire dancing.

There were massive amounts of spirits to partake of.

4 words.. Naked Hot Tub Party! (in which Than discovered he has no modesty – hee hee!)

The only down side was that I did drink WAY too much and had a mini blackout type thing, became disoriented and started crying when I couldn’t find Than.. and he was just in the living room. He handled it like a prince, took me home and tucked me into bed and cuddled¬† me until I felt better. (read: passed out cold)¬† Have I mentioned that he is the best boyfriend evar? It bears repeating.

So, great friends, good times. I need to get my digits to Taylor so she can make drunk phone calls from california. Oh yeah!

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