Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


So.. Than is out of town, just for one night. Again there is a reason this bothers me more than it normally would.

So I was going to have coffee with a “friend” who has now lost that status. It was going to be good, a ride home, good coffee and conversation to keep my mind of the thing that is bothering me most.

So I wait outside, for 40 minutes.. miss my bus, and it’s raining. Finally someone from work who was leaving the building and saw me out there like a wet dishrag took pity on me and gave me a ride home.

I am in a foul mood.


I really was looking forward to coffee tonight too.

edit: I tried to sleep but couldn’t (surprise)

so I gave in and called him.. and he reassured me and I feel better now.. but still like a crazy dumb girl

another edit: my friend apologized profusely.. he had a bad day and forgot. He has prostrated himself before me and begged for forgiveness.. so he can still be my friend :P

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