Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Can’t sleep… clowns will eat me.. can’t sleep.. clowns will eat me.. can’t sleep..

Insomnia is my arch enemy.

I’m not upset about anything, just unable to sleep. I envy Than his ability to fall asleep at will :)

So let’s see.. what’s happened?

Lost my wallet, panicked about said losing of wallet. Got out of work early, went home, no wallet.. no wallet in car. Remembered something falling out of my pocket at Than’s.. went there.. found wallet. Yay!!

Went to Highland, played Rummy with Than, Bardi and Will. 2 games. 1st game Than won, 2nd game I won. w00t! The boy is a cut-throat player, and I have to admit it’s not my style (I’m more of a ‘friendly game’ player), so it is taking some getting used to.

Also we now officially own the entire Bear series of comics, and this rocks. YES IT DOES! WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME? HUH???

Oh right.. *cough* sorry.. better now.

In which insomnia causes thinkings and ramblings

You know, overall, one of the coolest things about Than is the way he talks about his family. After a certain ex boyfriend who won’t speak *to* his family, let alone of them, (for no earth-shatteringly real reason either, just stupid bs) it is so refreshing to have someone in my life who appreciates his parents and especially his sister. He practically beams when he talks about her. I’d stumbled across her Yahoo 360 page one night during random google searches (I have not had the nerve to introduce myself though.. *bok* *bok*), and I am jealous of her writing ability. And she’s going for her doctorate in PHYSICS? Holy shmoly. (intimidating? oh my no.. *nervous cough*) No seriously, I look forward to meeting them! I have no idea when that may actually happen, but I’m sure it will at some point :)

So I think that is it for my mega-insomniacal rantings for one night. Tune in next week! Same cat-time, same cat-channel!

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